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The Life of Bella - Poster.jpg


A shortfilm I wrote, starred in and edited.

It has won many awards and taken part in several film festivals.

About the film:

A young writer gets a job assisting an elderly lady but soon realizes that it might not be as easy as she thought.

GLAMOUR (2020)

A shortfilm I starred in and wrote with Andri Már Enoksson

About the film:

As the leader of the band Jóna tries to get them on the map but feels like another member is trying to steal her place.

Mother Poster RFFF.jpg

HRÍM (2018)

A film I wrote, produced and directed.

About the film:

Selma meets a handsome older man and goes home with him only to discover the next day that he is married with kids.

MOTHER (2018)

A film I wrote and starred in, directed by Helena Rakel.

It is based on a famous old Icelandic folk song by the name of

Móðir Mín Í Kví Kví.

About the film:

 After getting an abortion a young girl keeps seeing a child that haunts her every waking moment.

Hjartsláttur title page_edited.jpg
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A film I wrote, directed and edited.

About the film:

Young girl goes out for a run in the forest when she comes across something unnatural.

MIA (2016)

A film I starred in where I played 2 people. It was filmed in LA by Sara Andersson.

About the film:

Mia struggles with schizophrenia and keeps seeing a darker version of herself that tries to convince her to kill herself. 

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